Don't Let Falling Leaves Keep You From Enjoying Fall in Iowa City, IA

Depend on our thorough leaf blowing and leaf removal services

Autumn in Iowa City, IA brings a hint of chill and brightly-colored leaves. You might enjoy looking at the changing colors, but watching the leaves fall on your lawn is another story.

You need a local lawn care service that can provide leaf blowing and leaf removal services. You need Breelby Property Care for stress-free leaf clean-ups that will leave your lawn looking well-cared for.

Contact us today to schedule leaf blowing and leaf removal services.

We make leaf removal stress-free for you

You can count on our leaf removal crew to clear every part of your lawn. When we're finished, we guarantee that all of the leaves will be gone - even those that blew behind the rosebushes.

Once you've hired us, you can give your kids a break from weekend leaf raking. Your family can use this newfound free time to put your leaves to good use. Create unique, autumn-inspired crafts such as:

  • Multicolored leaf wreaths
  • Crayon leaf etchings
  • Leaf paper collages

Ready to reclaim your lawn and start enjoying the season? Reach out today to get a free estimate on leaf blowing and leaf removal services.